During this introductory phase, one of PPC LOAN’s Senior Analysts will work with you to understand your loan opportunity and identify your financing needs. Taking things one step further, we will work to keep you on schedule for your targeted approval date and make sure you are fully aware of what is needed to approve your loan request. This regular communication ensures that all questions and concerns are address and there are no surprises through the process.

Once we have received all the required underwriting documents, your Analyst will thoroughly review everything, ask pertinent questions to ensure a strong understanding of the deal and help identify your specific financing needs. Your Analyst will also give feedback based on our years of lending experience to assist you in if you are entering into a transaction that is a good fit for you.

Once your loan is approved, you will receive a written Commitment to Lend which will clearly outline all the rates, terms, and conditions of your loan. Your Analyst is always available to answer any questions about the Commitment to Lend to give you comfort with the overall structure before you decide to move forward with PPC LOAN for financing.


Once you accept the offer of financing, you will move into the closing process. Your Closing Coordinator works step-by-step with you through this process to keep things moving forward in a timely manner. We will also review all closing documents (such as Asset Purchase Agreement, Lease, Seller Financing Documents, etc.) to help ensure your loan is documented properly and that your personal and financial interests are protected. You are our customer, and our #1 job is to make sure we utilize our decades of experience in communicating with you and your counsel to assist in safeguarding your new business. We want your loan closing to go as smoothly as possible, so expect to receive regular email and phone updates on the status of your closing.


Once your loan closing has occurred, PPC LOAN does not disappear. We stay involved in the success of your business, and we are always willing to provide a free analysis of your business performance. Your business’ performance is important to us, as we want all our customers to be successful. Advocating for your success, our Customer Concierge Team provides year-end statements to file taxes, assists with auto-payment inquiries, ensures financial and insurance records meet lender requirements, as well as anything else that our customers need assistance with. We are available anytime to answer any questions, and a live person will always be available to answer your phone call during business hours.