The PPC LOAN team recommends these professionals throughout the country to help facilitate your transaction. Contact us is you have any questions or if you need help finding a resource in your area.

SAMM Staffing & Consulting- Mel Clemmons

  • Runs the number one consulting firm for buying and selling Captive insurance agencies.
  • Consults with business owners on mergers and acquisitions of insurance agencies.
  • Has sold over $140 million in premium for agency acquisitions.
  • Tours the country teaching agents how to buy and sell insurance agencies.
  • Wrote best seller “Creating Millionaires,” a book on how to sell your insurance agency.
  • Developed Death and Transition Planning, a program to help insurance agents protect their greatest assets.
  • Multiple winner of Allstate Awards- Rookie of the Year, Territorial Homeowner Leader, Chairman’s Conference, National Conference, and Honor Ring several times.
  • Created Samm Consulting in 2009 to help business owners understand the process of buying and selling agencies.

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phone: 678-223-7397 email:[email protected]


Energia Consulting Partners

  • ECP is a professional consulting practice specializing in the sale of P&C insurance agencies with emphasis on the Allstate and Farmers distribution models.
  • Seven person consulting team with 100+ years agency ownership and senior management experience in the insurance industry, having participated in the sale of over $170 million in earned premium.
  • Consultations are client centric, whether working to develop and follow through a transition plan for the seller or offering professional guidance to the buyer seeking an acquisition.
  • ECP’s guiding principles include unwavering quality standards, the highest levels of integrity, and the utmost respect for client confidentiality.

phone: 888-381-8187 email:[email protected]


Laura Harris

  • Runs one of the largest Allstate Insurance offices in the nation and consults business owners on effective management.
  • Helps small business owners improve individual and business performance.
  • Author of Surrender to Win – Regain Sanity by Strategically Relinquishing Control.

email: [email protected]


Bill Gough

  • Allstate agency owner since 1987 and still operating an agency in Florence, AL.
  • Been in the top 1-3% of all the 12,000 agents for the last 15 years.
  • Formed BGI Marketing Systems in the fall of 2008 to help other agency owners achieve the great results that he has seen in his career.