"Working with PPCLOAN was extremely beneficial. Twice during the process, the deal almost fell through. PPCLOAN was able to help educate the seller in a way that allowed us to close. Awesome!"

Laura Harris, Allstate Agent
Corpus Christi, TX

"PPCLOAN has been a huge asset to my career and business. Not only have they provided a hassle-free initial loan to fund my acquisition, they have also done a tremendous job with ongoing communication, as well as recognizing me as a valued client. I have sent other buyers to them and I plan to use their services should I acquire a second location. PPCLOAN understands how to value an agency, the attributes each individual brings to the table, and how to leverage multiple banks to ensure the right financing option for the borrower."

Adam Pisani, Allstate Agent
Sugarland, TX

"I have worked with PPCLOAN now for about 3 years and I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and very beneficial to my company. They have helped my company reduce interest rates, combine loans, and build a much more efficient cash flow, which in turn has allowed me to use this additional income to reinvest and continue to grow. When I call PPCLOAN I get straightforward answers from a team of people I have gotten to know and trust and I certainly feel they know as much about Allstate lending as anyone in the country. I would highly recommend Paul, Steven and the team at PPCLOAN when it comes to financing your business!"

Terry Burns, Allstate Agent
Mount Juliet, TN

"I've worked with PPCLOAN since I purchased my first book in 2000. They've been great to work with over the years and have played a key role in allowing me to grow my business. They have a firm understanding of how Allstate agencies work which makes the loan process that much easier."

Jeremy Olson, Allstate Agent
Seattle, WA

"I have been dealing with PPCLOAN for over 10 years. They have, in every instance, performed at the highest professional level. Whether for my own acquisition loans, lending to family, or providing funding for agents I have referred to them, I have encountered the absolute best service, communication & execution. There is a reason they have provided funding for more Allstate transactions than any other company- and that, quite simply, is that they are the best."

Christopher Burke, Allstate Agent
Lynchburg, VA

"I have purchased 5 Allstate agencies in the last 5 years and have financed all of them through PPCLOAN. I found their folks to be knowledgeable, professional and prompt in all steps of the financing process. I have experienced other loan brokers who never could seem to get a loan put together, but PPCLOAN has never let me down!"

Gerald Jeter, Allstate Agent
Oklahoma City, OK

"I have done (3) loans now with PPCLOAN and each time the experience gets better! I know that I can tell them what I am looking for and they know how to get me there. That lets me focus on running the business!"

Chris Draper, Allstate Agent
Tomball, TX

"I have been doing business with PPCLOAN for over 6 years. Without the help of the PPCLOAN staff, I would have never been able to grow my agency to the scale that it is today. I am truly thankful for the ease of business and advice that PPCLOAN has supplied over the years."

Eric Lopez, Allstate Agent
Placentia, CA

"The PPCLOAN team is extremely helpful and it is truly one of the easiest experiences that I could imagine when it comes to Allstate Agency loan financing. They are great in every aspect of the loan process and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to expand or refinance their practice!"

Corey Hinson, Allstate Agent
Rock Hill, SC

"PPCLOAN was able to get a very complicated loan done for me with professionalism and integrity. Other major lenders were not able to do for me and my Allstate book purchase what PPCLOAN did. They pushed the limits and got the deal done. I would highly recommend them."

Ken Merrell, Allstate Agent
Wesley Chapel, FL

"I was shopping for a business loan and I feel I have found the best one! PPCLOAN, Steven Kemper, and Tara Shaw were patient with all my questions, always got back to me in a timely manner, and even called me late at night when I was desperate for an answer. Tara worked extremely hard to get my loan approved on time despite issues that could have delayed it (outside of her control). I highly recommend working with PPCLOAN if you are looking for a loan."

Ernie Vitolo, Allstate Agent
Great Neck, NY

"The loan process can be a very large task during a time when new agents are being asked to satisfy many other obligations. PPCLOAN was referred to me by another agent and I can say that I was steered in the right direction. My initial rep, Ty, really did a good job in talking through the preliminary process and helping me gather all of the documents needed to get the process started. My process through underwriting was quick and painless. Tara was also knowledgeable, organized, and always available when questions and concerns came up during closing. Overall, my experience was great and I would highly recommend new agents to consider using PPCLOAN, I have no regrets."

Anthony Nigro, Allstate Agent
Naples, FL

"PPCLOAN  has been amazing. They made the transaction easy and painless. Thank you for all your help."

Allen Sturtevant, Allstate Agent
Albuquerque, NM

"All involved were great to deal with. I worked with Steven Kemper and Tabitha Hughes. They were very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them."

Dan Brown, Allstate Agent
San Antonio, TX 

"Christina did a tremendous job making it a very smooth process from start to finish! She clearly communicated what was needed to complete each step of the process and was great a communicating expectations along the way! Christina was also extremely responsive to any questions or requests I had. Great experience!"

Jennings Cotten, Allstate Agent
Newport News, VA

"I have worked with PPCLOAN a couple times and each time has been very smooth. The communication is great and the terms are fair. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an agency purchase or refinance."

John Burger, Allstate Agent
Broomall, PA

"Extremely pleased with overall experience with PPCLOAN. Jeff Horner was fantastic analyzing and ensuring the bank was able to make the best deal possible. Wouldn't hesitate to use PPCLOAN for my next deal. Great experience all around!"

Lary Akinde, Allstate Agent
Darnestown, MD

"PPCLOAN is at the top of the list in being highly knowledgeable about the type of businesses they work with making them very easy to deal with. Their staff is both friendly and highly professional and make the loan process smooth and efficient. If you want straight-forward and business friendly efficient service look no further than PPCLOAN."

Michael Pagano, Allstate Agent
Rochester, NY

"I was looking to refinance my original loan to see if I could reduce my overall interest rate and improve my monthly cash flow. Working with the team at PPCLOAN, they were able to help me reduce the interest rate on my current note and significantly improve the cash flow of my agency. The entire process was smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to secure financing for their agency to talk with the team at PPCLOAN."

Rob Hyburg, Allstate Agent
Marion, OH

"PPCLOAN was absolutely wonderful to work with. Everyone was very responsive and helpful when I had questions."

Alexandra Roberts, Allstate Agent
Mineola, TX

"I cannot say enough amazing things about both Tara Shaw and Jeff Horner. They both have been truly amazing and very understanding and helpful in every way imaginable. You have a truly great group of people working together. They all have a passion for what they are doing which shines through on everything they do. I was truly amazed when Harvey hit you in Texas and there weren't any delays at all."

Neil Greco, Allstate Agent
Livingston, NJ

"From start to finish, I was very pleased with all of the folks at PPCLOAN. The whole process was convenient and painless. I would definitely recommend PPCLOAN to anybody looking for financing on a new purchase or refinancing an existing loan."

Jon Taylor, Allstate Agent
Groton, CT

"PPCLOAN was great from start to finish. As an agent of a large Allstate agency they understand that you don't have a lot of time. They make everything simple and organized documentation-wise. They give you times that things need to be done by and it was the smoothest close of any loan that I have ever had. Christina Baca and Aaron Racino are awesome! Thank you very much!"

Earl Little, Allstate Agent
Salem, OH

"Everything was made as easy as possible and it made for a seamless transition from previous owner to me! Everyone at PPCLOAN was so willing to help and assist in any questions that I had."

Kyle Holland, Allstate Agent
Southaven, MS

 "I had a tremendous experience with PPCLOAN. Jeff Horner and Christina Baca are extremely professional and efficient. They did everything they promised they would do, a very rare service experience!"

Chris Allgood, Allstate Agent 
Yukon, OK

"PPCLOAN was easy to work with from start to finish. The main thing I look at as a customer is responsiveness and Tara Shaw was responsive at every turn. Everything went smooth and glad to get it all done."

Richard Kiedinger, Allstate Agent 
Sedalia, CO

"My experience from start to finish was exceptional! During one of the most stressful periods of my life (making a large business purchase), PPCLOAN and its staff made my purchase so much easier and less stressful. I would HIGHLY recommend this company."

Chris Erno, Allstate Agent
York, PA

"PPCLOAN gave me the best combination loan package to meet my needs of any others in the industry, and believe me, I tried many lenders. Steven and Ashley were great!"

Ryan Harter, Allstate Agent
Ocala, FL

"If you want ease of use, responsive representatives, and a fair rate, PPCLOAN is awesome!"

Mike Ponce, Allstate Agent
Riverside, CA

"Recently I used PPCLOAN to help in the purchase of an Allstate agency. I was surprised with the knowledge they had regarding the process with Allstate. All of the people involved were always available for any questions I had. They did a great job communicating where we were and what we needed through the whole process. I highly recommend them."

Timothy Allen, Allstate Agent
Rochester, NY

"They really know their business and will take care of you from start to finish. Very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I am a very satisfied customer."

John Bionaz, Allstate Agent
Oakdale, CA

"PPCLOAN knows what they are doing. Highly recommend as the loan process was fast and they provide exactly what they need to get the loan finished."

Todd Altman, Allstate Agent
Louisville, KY

"Working with PPCLOAN was a true pleasure from start to finish. The team at PPCLOAN operates with efficiency and courtesy. They are clearly professionals. They took the time to walk me through the process and options and were there for all my questions. Although most agencies boast superior and personal service, the team at PPCLOAN truly delivers. Well done PPCLOAN. You have a loyal client and I will refer others to you at each opportunity."

Chris Cichanski, Allstate Agent
Bothell, WA

"The entire loan process was handled very professionally from start to finish. PPCLOAN's detailed knowledge of the Allstate business model was a real benefit eliminating many of the usual obstacles often experienced when obtaining agency financing. I would highly recommend PPCLOAN as your first resource for any agency financing needs."

Keith Fulton, Allstate Agent 
Trinity, FL

"For the first time, I felt like people looked at our financial history and solid business practices instead of placing us within a stereotype for our region. Nevada was hit very hard financially and we continued to hold strong and pay our bills on time, both personally and at the business level. We held on to our integrity and perseverance and finally it was acknowledged. Thank you, PPCLOAN!"

Yvette Beck, Allstate Agent 
Las Vegas, NV

"PPCLOAN was so helpful in the process of financing my agency. They walked me through each step and without them I would not have been able to achieve my dream of being my own boss. Thank you so much."

Zach Albritton, Allstate Agent
Muskogee, OK

"I would highly recommend PPCLOAN for their competitive rates, honest underwriting, and for the ease of doing business. From start to finish, the process of this loan closing did not affect the daily running of my agency. I am appreciative."

Jennifer McLennan, Allstate Agent
Avon, CT

"PPCLOAN was very fast and responsive. The entire process was very smooth and they set the expectation in the beginning and did as they said they would without issue. Great set of people to work with. John Carter and Ashley Marcelle were the ones that I worked with during the process. They were both professional and were great to work with."

Kenrick Campbell, Allstate Agent
Bellflower, CA

"From the start of my loan process with Mr. Steven Kemper to the last minute help I needed from Christina Sawicki to finish the loan process I was completely satisfied and would recommend PPCLOAN to colleagues."

Anthony Taylor, Allstate Agent
Hartsdale, NY

"In addition to providing speedy refinancing of my Allstate business loan, Ashley Marcelle and Ashely Voyles provided great customer service throughout the process. They left no question unanswered and provided the guidance needed to complete the documentation."

Mike Romaguera, Allstate Agent
Shenandoah, TX

"I would highly recommend John Carter and Tabitha Hughes. All of their interactions were prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. I have been very happy dealing with PPCLOAN and would use them again for my business loans."

John Piotrowski, Allstate Agent
Tucson, AZ

"PPCLOAN is by far the epitome of everything you want and need from a bank when purchasing a new agency or even refinancing. They are honest and realistic in setting expectations. The entire team is professional in the way they handle every step. I will not be looking anywhere else for any of my agency financing needs."

Tom Northern, Allstate Agent
Derwood, MD

"PPCLOAN is the real deal when it comes to making loans to Allstate agency owners for book purchases, or refinances of books of business loans. They have made more loans to Allstate agency owners than any bank, and have a true understanding of how cash flow works in our agencies. PPCLOAN also provides great advice to both prospective buyers and sellers. They do more research on Allstate book purchases than anyone and have become the leader in this field.

If you are buying or selling an Allstate Agency, a phone call to PPCLOAN is a must on your checklist of due diligence items."

Bill Gough, Allstate Agent
President of BGI Marketing Systems

"If you are buying, merging, or selling an Allstate agency you need these guys to get a deal done. They know Allstate in and out and how to get the job done. How to value an agency to get a fair deal for buyer and seller. Don't frustrate yourself trying to explain your business to a local bank they don't understand. PPCLOAN does!!... I would not go anywhere else for financing. They are great member of my financial team just like my attorney and accountant."

R. Gregory Nicholas, CIC, Allstate Agent
York, PA

"PPCLOAN was very helpful in getting my deal closed in a timely manner. They were all very attentive and responsive to my needs and I am pleased to be working with them."

Lindsey Rykman, Allstate Agent
Marietta, GA

"Eric LeBlanc and Christina Sawicki were great! They told me exactly what documents were required, helped me complete them, and immediately responded to my emails and phone calls. Furthermore, they went out of their way to assist me with acquiring the seller's documents as well as ensuring we met all processing deadlines. I will certainly use PPCLOAN for any future business loans in the future."

Dan Cone, Allstate Agent
Pittsburgh, PA

"PPCLOAN was very professional and guided me through the entire process. I am grateful to them for making my acquisition possible. I highly recommend working with them in your business loan needs!"

Matt Shlicoff, Allstate Agent
Millbrae, CA

"Steven Kemper and Tabitha Hughes provided exceptional service. Financing can be one of the most difficult parts of a business acquisition, but PPC loans actually makes it easy. I would never take my business elsewhere."

Nikki Kaur, Allstate Agent
Anaheim, CA

"I found the PPCLOAN staff to be extremely professional and focused on assisting me in putting together a financing package in a short turnaround time. Their knowledge and understanding of the Allstate Agent programs allowed me to stay focused on my training and the acquisition transition, while they structured the financing. Steven and Ashley were the best to work with and partner to keep me on task through closing."

Scott Pauley, Allstate Agent
Xenia, OH

"I was referred to PPCLOAN by a fellow Allstate agent. I had no idea what to expect from the process and needed guidance throughout. John Carter was friendly and patient and answered all of my questions and helped me immensely. During the closing process, there were some hiccups from the company that caused some stress and frustration, but Tabitha Hughes was on top of all of it and kept on top of each detail. They were incredible."

Stacy Horne, Allstate Agent
Fredericksburg, VA

"PPCLOAN worked with me over a period of 2 years until I was qualified and approved. It was a very simple, straightforward, step-by-step process and the end result was good for my business model. Thank you for all your kind attention."

Harry Grizzle, Allstate Agent
Panama City, FL

"I have purchased/financed two agencies in the past four years and just refinanced both of those loans through PPCLOAN. My experience was like night and day! John and Tabitha told me what they needed up front, and once provided did not make us jump through hoops to get the loan closed. It was a breath of fresh air to do business with you in comparison to Capital Resources! Thank you again!"

Linda Morrison, Allstate Agent
Corpus Christi, TX

"PPCLOAN is one of the best in the industry. If you want the job done right the first time I would highly recommend them. Rates were good and the loan process was quick. They helped my business double in size within a few years. Thank you PPCLOAN."

Rebecca Clemento, Allstate Agent
Philadelphia, PA

"PPCLOAN staff provide superior professional service through the term sheet and loan process. They promptly responded to all my requests and communicated clearly to all my questions. Everything promised during the term sheet negotiations were delivered during the loan process and final closing. I selected PPCLOAN from a pool of 5 term sheets I received and I am very glad I selected PPCLOAN."

Stan Kazmierczak 
Saratoga, CA

"You guys are simply the best. This is my second go around with you. Everything smooth as silk and done quickly and on time. Thanks so much."

Anthony Clemento, Allstate Agent
Philadelphia, PA

"I recommend PPCLOAN for anyone needing a loan for an Allstate book of business purchase. They are very knowledgeable of the process and the lingo for Allstate. They also understand the current market for agency sales and can help you get it done efficiently and effectively. Proceed with confidence."

Steven Robertson, Allstate Agent
Upland, CA

"This was my second experience with PPCLOAN and it was even better than the first. You are very in tune with my industry and our needs."

Lydia Ellis, Allstate Agent
Knoxville, TN

"I met Dustin in the Las Vegas convention in May 2012. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I had a high-interest rate and Dustin had quoted me lower. It made sense for me to refinance, but deep down inside, I wanted to give my business to my company who had my loan. When I realized that they were not going to be able to rework my existing loan, Dustin was there to get everything going. Everything happened just the way he had explained. Dustin took my calls, answered my questions, explained the details, and even got me a better rate than expected. When everything was transferred to Christina Sawicki for closing, the flow of things continued and Dustin was still involved and available to me. Christina also was professional, knowledgeable and efficient through our dealings. I would not hesitate to recommend Dustin to my friends or anyone I come across. There are three types of people- ones that wonder what happened, ones that watch things happen, and ones that make things happen. Dustin makes things happen."

Carlos Cisneros, Allstate Agent
Miami, FL

"Most lenders don't understand financing an insurance agency. They have trouble determining the book value and offering terms that meet the needs of an agency owner or buyer. PPCLOAN already has relationships with lenders and knows how to present the reports so they can give us competitive interest rates. I'll use them again on my next purchase."

David Wilson, Allstate Agent
Waco, TX

"From start to finish, I could not have worked with any other company that was more professional or efficient."

Keith Walley, Allstate Agent
Texarkana, TX

"From start to finish my experience with PPCLOAN and the people there was excellent. Everything was explained clearly along the way and there were no surprises. I highly recommend PPCLOAN and their staff."

David Cohen, Allstate Agent
Brooklyn, NY

"I am extremely grateful for the team of professionals at PPCLOAN. From the very first meeting through the final closing, I felt confident in their ability to make it happen and coach me through all steps of the process. Their thoroughness and professionalism provided me with the peace of mind and the freedom to focus on other areas of the business acquisition process. I highly recommend PPCLOAN to anyone seeking a business loan in the industries they support, and I sincerely hope to do business with them again in the future."

Todd Ray, Allstate Agent
Tomball, TX

"Without PPCLOAN I would not be a MEGA agent today. They provided me with the financing I needed to make the loans necessary to grow my agency into what it is today. I will forever be grateful to Fred, Mac, and the entire team for helping me achieve the success I currently enjoy. Thanks PPCLOAN.

Gene Johnson, Allstate Agent
Riverside, CA

"I have worked with PPCLOAN for several years now. On several occasions, they have helped me obtain the financing I needed to grow and expand my business. The terms have always been extremely competitive, and the service provided by the PPCLOAN team is exceptional. They understand my business and are always ready to help me find the financing solution to best accomplish my goals."

Larry Dumas, Jr., Allstate Agent
Edmond, OK

"PPCLOAN is great! They do a professional and timely job in financing Allstate agencies. Use PPCLOAN for your financing needs."

Brian Konishi, Allstate Agent
Escondido, CA

"What sets PPCLOAN apart from all the rest is simple- they just get it! They have a complete understanding of how our business works, and in many ways, they understand it even better than we do ourselves! They set the standard for providing an amazing customer experience every step of the way.

Steven Kemper and his entire team took the stress out of what is normally a very stressful experience! True professionals!"

Brad Palmer, Allstate Agent
Long Beach, CA

"PPCLOAN has been able to accommodate 'high dollar/high multiple' loans like no other lender. They understand mergers/cash flow as well as agency owners. They truly specialize in Allstate lending."

Scott Tharp, Allstate Agent
Walled Lake, MI

"As a first time Allstate buyer, I would choose PPCLOAN over any financial institution. Their staff took the time to learn about me, structure the deal that worked and stayed by my side from start to finish."

Brad Kerley, Allstate Agent
Addison, TX

"I would definitely recommend PPCLOAN for an agency purchase. They were a pleasure to work with and made things so simple. Everyone that I worked with was very helpful and made my experience one that would encourage me to use them again as well as refer them to others. You won't go wrong if you choose to work with PPCLOAN!"

Pam Nichols, Allstate Agent
Midland, TX

"Dustin and Tabitha went above and beyond what most lending institutions would do. Very knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, and competitive rates. I would highly recommend PPCLOAN to my fellow agents!!"

Scott Biscoe, Allstate Agent
Austin, TX

"PPCLOAN's knowledge of Allstate transactions from start to finish a game changer. Their staff wants to make the loan process easy and everyone is very friendly too."

Dan Forman, Allstate Agent
Marietta, GA

"The PPCLOAN team is an integral part of my business operation and have helped me build and grow a successful agency. They are true partners in my mission and are professionals in every sense of the word."

Gerard Dolan, Allstate Agent
Rego Park, NY

"PPCLOAN has a great understanding of the process of purchasing and Allstate book of business and walked me through each step for a smooth closing."

Dan O'Donnell, Allstate Agent
Manchester, NH

"My overall experience with PPCLOAN was great. The staff understand the Allstate Agency model and were always available to take my call. The team saved me a lot of time and we closed relatively quickly. I would definitely recommend PPCLOAN to a potential agent to help with financing. Thank you to PPCLOAN!"

Michael Rogers, Allstate Agent
Massapequa, NY

"I found everyone I dealt with at PPCLOAN to be extremely professional, efficient, accessible, and kind. Paul Clarke and Tabitha Chisum were the two people who I interacted with the most and I can only say positive things about each of them. I will definitely recommend PPCLOAN to my friends and colleagues. Thank-you very much for helping me purchase two Allstate agencies in Austin, Texas. I feel confident about the success of my business and I look forward to working with PPCLOAN again in the future."

Cheri Roman, Allstate Agent
Austin, TX

"The team works together well with all parties which allows us to focus on our business of selling insurance and taking care of our clients, instead of worrying about our loan and closing on time."

Brad Williamson, Allstate Agent
Plano, TX

"Excellent service. Demonstrates PPCLOAN knows the industry better than any other institution we spoke to."

Anonymous Allstate Agent

"I have financed two agencies with PPCLOAN and would highly recommend them. They are knowledgeable, friendly and get the job done."

R. Gregory Nicholas, Allstate Agent
York, PA

"I was an outside buyer of multiple Allstate Agencies. I actively sought financing from 3 sources. PPCLOAN repeatedly excelled at earning my business with fast, responsive, and accurate service. Most importantly, I felt like I had a mentor in my corner advising me on the process."

Brian Shea, Allstate Agent Rancho
Mirage, CA

"PPCLOAN is very easy to work with. They understand our business. They accommodate Allstate agents even when there are timeline restrictions. At all times throughout the process, you are kept updated and informed. It is very easy for me to recommend them to fellow agents."

Brook Daly, Allstate Agent
Escondido, CA

"Working with PPCLOAN recently was a great experience. Paul and his team were very responsive and made me feel like a valued customer. They offered me a variety of options and we custom tailored a plan to meet my needs. The experience is one I would definitely recommend to others and I hope to be doing business with them again soon."

Scott Hall, Allstate Agent
Brentwood, TN

"I just wanted to thank everyone at PPCLOAN for all their hard work.

Everything went smoothly and they were able to turn the loan around in record time! They kept me informed every step of the way. I knew exactly what was needed and there were no last minute surprises! Their responsiveness made me feel like I was their only client, even though I know that is not true.

I talked with one of the Allstate representatives who processes the paperwork for agency sales and she sees deals fall through all the time. Sometimes people can't get the funding, and sometimes the funding takes too long. She said a lot of people don't realize how long it can take to get a loan. I told her that PPCLOAN turned this loan out in about two weeks!!

Again, thanks for making it all work."

Jim Grusheski, Allstate Agent
Savannah, GA

"I appreciate the courtesy that PPCLOAN has shown me from day one. They have been nothing but professional, efficient, and sincere. They are absolutely wonderful to work with and have on occasion gone above and beyond what I would consider to be their duty.

I look forward to working with both of them and the rest of the PPCLOAN team."

Jennifer Nappi, Allstate Agent
Bristol, RI

"I just wanted to write a note stating how incredible a journey this has been and how PPCLOAN played such a key role. As you know, I purchased a couple of agencies here in North Carolina, and one would think since I was coming in from Pittsburgh, PA, that the transition would be tough. On the contrary - it has been a great ride so far. However, I must say it all started with the loan procurement process.

From the very beginning, you and your team at PPCLOAN fully understood what needed to be done, and more specifically, you understood the Allstate culture, numbers, business, etc. That was impressive! I never felt pressured in any way and felt that I was in good hands (no pun intended). With the numbers we were talking about, one could have feasibly had butterflies in the stomach or sleepless nights, but I felt good all the way! Now, it may just be me, but I thought you went out of your way to make things work - it was a win-win situation. You, then Tabitha thoroughly explained every step I needed to take and were very patient with the questions. To me the entire process from time of application to closing was smooth and without a hitch. That was a WOW experience for me.

I have referred PPCLOAN to a couple of other potential buyers and will continue to do so. Your service in the agency acquisition process is far more superior to any I know. Believe me, the first firm I will turn to when it's time to acquire another agency will be PPCLOAN. Keep up the great work. I appreciate your team and what you do."

Eric Tang, Allstate Agent
Kernersville, NC

"I would recommend PPCLOAN to anyone. It has been a pleasure working with Steven Kemper and the staff at PPCLOAN. They know and understand our business and were very responsive to my needs. In today's environment, it's all about building good working relationships and PPCLOAN does an excellent job. Everything went flawlessly with the service and conditions as promised."

Dan Lorber, Allstate Agent
Palo Alto, CA

"PPCLOAN knows Allstate better than we do! They understand agent needs and do all they can to get us the funds we need to run our business. Knowledgeable, efficient, easy to work with and fast. I couldn't ask for anything else!"

Michael Lindner, Allstate Agent
Tyler, TX

"When securing financing for my agency purchase, I looked to the people at PPCLOAN for their experience and expertise. From my original phone call to PPCLOAN's post-closing congratulatory call, the staff at PPCLOAN worked hard to ensure I received the best rates and terms available and that my loan was documented promptly and properly. Many thanks to Ashley Marcelle, Steven Kemper and all those at PPCLOAN for making the process insightful and efficient, I will definitely recommend PPCLOAN to other agents in need of financing."

Peter Barry, Allstate Agent
Vincennes, IN

"One of the biggest challenges to purchasing an insurance agency is timing. Allstate's approval process has to coincide with financing approval for the purchase. Local banks do not have the expertise to evaluate value and terms that are needed to buy a book of business. Even banks that supposedly cater to Allstate agents could not lock in terms or have the customer service level to make the financing of a business run smoothly.

With PPCLOAN, I got excellent service with people experienced in getting financing approved for Allstate agents. I highly recommend using PPCLOAN for anyone looking to purchase an Allstate agency. They got me the terms I needed to cash flow my operation and the experience to get the paperwork where it needed to go for closing.

Thank you to Steven Kemper and Tabitha Chisum at PPCLOAN!"

David Wilson, Allstate Agent
Waco & Corsicana, TX

"I had researched several lenders, including some local banks for the purchase of an agency. I had several proposals, but PPCLOAN was the most efficient and professional and had a total understanding of Allstate processes and guidelines. PPCLOAN eliminated most of my concerns and anxiety and worked with customizing a plan with my specific needs. I had constant contact and guidance throughout the entire process from application to closing. I recommend PPCLOAN to anyone purchasing an agency and will use them for any of my future purchases."

Bob Regal, Allstate Agent
Knoxville, TN

"In the past year I have purchased two Allstate agencies. PPCLOAN did a tremendous job of guiding me through the lengthy, often complex path to financing a loan to pay for the agencies. With all the stress inherent in making a purchase of this magnitude, it was a relief for me to be able to look to a company that had extensive experience in these kinds of deals. I feel that their terms were competitive, and in some cases, superior to other sources that I had checked. I would come to PPCLOAN again if the opportunity was available."

Ken Heatley, Allstate Agent
Sellersburg, IN


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